This is a story about Monique Toussaint LeBlanc, an insightful and energetic biracial woman of French and Kenyan parents, who is stunningly beautiful and statuesque. Monique married Damian LeBlanc, her college sweetheart, a handsome and charismatic African American lawyer and partner in a prestigious law firm. Monique deeply loves Damian and is committed to him and their two children, Corey and Caitlin. Damian, like his father, is politically ambitious and determined to fulfill his political passions, which are surpassed only by his sexual drive and flirtation with extramarital affairs.

One such affair involved an ongoing liaison with his white mistress, Sue Ann Larroquette, an established fashion model and divorcee, who had retained Damian to handle her divorce and later her modeling contract. Elements of intra-racial prejudice manifest as Damian acts on some of the cultural stereotypes rooted in old New Orleans and inherited from his arrogant father.


It was a great  pleasure to read a well written novel on the city I call home.  I enjoy reading about New Orleans and its characters, some I recognize, since my absence from the city in the last 15 years.  So, when someone can capture the smallest details of the city, its culture and its drama, it appeals to my desire to be there, and it confirms my belief that New Orleans is one of the most unique cities in the world...  


My Quintessential Woman is not one of my traditional reads, however, I am a man who can appreciate a good woman and I wanted to know who is considered the quintessential woman. Well, not to give anything away, Monique exemplifies that definition. I would recommend this book to all of my friends and associates, men as well as women.


Rick Watts 
Co-Author of the soon to be released book,               'Glass Slipper'

Don Jeanpierre Bernard, JD, PhD

 Don Jeanpierre Bernard                                        Las Vegas, Nevada